Make a Scene! Bali

We are very happy to have Make a Scene! join forces with Elami and Co Productions.

Make A Scene! is a Bali based team of designers and expert weavers from Mengwi, dedicated to preserving time-honored traditions and keeping skilled craftsmanship alive through weaving.

Using specialized weaving of coconut leaf, the Make a Scene! team design and create the finest scenic installations, sculptural art and accessories for events across Bali and beyond.

Chloe Quinn, a Theatre Designer by training, leads the team as Creative Director. Chloe has introduced more contemporary designs into the team's portfolio. She uses her design training to adapt and reimagine the craft of weaving into innovative new forms for a variety of spaces and contexts.

“Our aim is to honour and preserve Balinese art and culture. For Balinese generations old and young to view their county's time-honoured craft in a new, desirable and exciting light. Traditional craft can be cutting edge, contemporary and pioneering. We aspire to be a team of leaders, inspiring a new wave of sustainable artistry across Bali.”

Chloe Quinn, Make a Scene!


The Make a Scene! team is ready to accept installation and art commissions for your next Bali event. Please reach out to them here.

Make a Scene! installations have been seen at the Further East Luxury Travel Show, Potatohead Beach Club, The Yak Awards, TEDxUbud, and many private events and weddings across the island.


Press + Interviews

“My training as a theatre designer has taught me to be a magpie in my research. I look at catwalk designs, fashion shoots, fine art sculpture and installations, theatre sets and nature itself is a great inspiration especially here in Bali. I am constantly taking photos and making notes and sketches of what I come across on my daily bike rides.”

The Yak Magazine, 2019

“In Bali you see tourism pulling local people away from their heritage and culture in craft to make more money in westernised hotels and on tours. That’s why Make a Scene! is really important. It is making handicraft exciting, contemporary and desirable again.”

Make a Place, 2018

Make a Scene! Bali’s creations



Incredible hand-woven crowns based on traditional Balinese designs are perfect for weddings. See more photos of crowns and wearable art.


Dramatic entry ways and gates for event spaces. See more event installations.