Social Media Strategy Consultation

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Social Media Strategy Consultation

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If you’d to get our input on your current social media strategy, get a new direction for your accounts, or just dive into our brains and ask a million questions, book a consultation session with us today.

How can we help?

We can let you know about new developments in social media, our favorite tools to use, Bali and Ubud specific knowledge, what you should invest in (graphic design, copywriting, photography), connect you with the right creatives, and much more.

What are your options?

Before anything happens, we’ll get you to fill in a questionnaire so we have enough background, understand your challenges/goals, and have time to review your accounts.

Then, choose between:

  1. An hour-long session with us over Skype (IDR 2,000,000)


     2. Three-hour consultation and report with our analysis and recommendations delivered 10 working days after we speak either on Skype or in person (IDR 5,000,000)

What our clients say:

“Our company has worked with Elami and Co. for approximately 12 months we commissioned them to create a Social Media Strategy for DUMBO and had them on board from an early stage when we were still conceptualizing our brand, until now, successfully open and trading well.

Throughout the different stages they gave us strategic insight that we wouldn’t have otherwise had. They displayed a detailed understanding of the different platforms and how to maximise their potential for our business. They achieved the brief we gave them really effectively—they found a way into a target demographic that our company had never reached before, domestic Indonesian tourists.

They strive for a consistent level of excellence, are open to suggestion and responsive to requests, clear in their communication and professional in their attitude, all in all a pleasure to work with. I recommend them highly.”

—Jono Russell, DUMBO

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