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The Dinner Series

In the spirit of celebrating and connecting Bali’s brightest thinkers, Elami and Co. is launching The Dinner Series: a string of intimate evenings in collaboration with Bali’s top cooks, artisans and creators.

Our goal: to connect creatives and highlight the world-class innovation coming out of the island.

Each event will take on its own theme — each in its own way telling a piece of Bali’s story, from past to present.

Expect breath-taking settings, trail-blazing eats, and plenty of surprise elements. We can’t give too much away, but we can reveal it will be more than just a meal.

The Dinner Series is being co-created with Maya Kerthyasa. Maya is a Perth-based writer and food critic who reviews for the Australian Gourmet Traveller Restaurant Guide.


Every Dinner Series’ guest list is hand-picked from a pool of Bali’s finest local and international creatives. Receiving an invitation simply means that we love what you do. If you are creative, live in Bali and would like to be included in the guest pool, please register your interest here.

For press or collaboration inquiries, please contact Mila at


Heart-warming feedback

“Congratulations on a wonderful evening, such a great success when your guests don’t want to leave and when they do, they leave swapping emails and wanting to stay in touch! The whole evening, the location, the food and the ambience was superb. A great concept professionally executed, absolutely faultless! Looking forward to dinners to come.”

“Friends of mine who went last night said it was the best night they had ever had in Bali and they are definitely in on the next one too!”

“Bravo for last night!”

When, who, and where?

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The Artists Dinner

Saturday, 29 June 2019
Arta Derau Ceramic Studio

Celebrating home-grown art in its many forms.

We’ve decided to hit the quirk button for our next Dinner Series event, bringing together a trifecta of our favourite creators and flavour-makers for an art-fuelled evening under the stars. We’re taking over the rice fields behind Arta Derau ceramic studio, where artist-owner Sekarputri Sidhiwati is busy making a one-off collection for us to dine from on the evening. Poorich Suvarnapadip from Thy Neighbour will be behind the pans, turning out eight courses of his bright, progressive Thai fare using ingredients harvested from the surrounding paddies (we’re talking snails and rice field crabs, here. If that’s not your jam but you don’t want FOMO, you can opt vegetarian). Does the fun end there? Not even close – artist and Elppin designer Carina Hardy is also on board, exhibiting her world-first Back to the Breast eco-inflatable installation, previously featured at Thailand’s Wonderfuit Festival.


The Elementals Dinner

Friday, 5 April 2019
Puri Ibah

This evening was about tapping in to the many bounties of traditional Bali - the flavours, the sounds and the natural environment. Dinner was prepared by Anak Agung Rai, the 90-year-old mother of Tjokorde Raka Kerthyasa and a former palace cook, with the help of her granddaughter, Maya Kerthyasa.

See all the photos and read more about the night on our blog.

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The Indigo Dinner

Saturday, 15 December 2018
Umajati Retreat

This evening took us into the magic of Threads of Life’s natural plant-dye studio for a sensory exploration of all things indigo. Chef Fernando de Souza from Mana Uluwatu designed a vibrant menu which nods to the various cultures that work with this wonder-plant.

There were 18 attendees, big flavours, great conversation and, yes, lots and lots of indigo.


The Origins Dinner

Sunday, 14 October 2018
Green Village Bali

The stars of this evening were Wayan Kresnayasa, Executive Chef of Kaum and Ijen, Potato Head Family and Elora Hardy, Founder and Director of IBUKU.

Our inaugural Dinner Series event brought these two pioneers together under one roof – the spectacular leaf-shaped roof of IBUKU’s new Eclipse House, to be specific, where Wayan served a host of his planet-friendly dishes, hand-picked from the menus of Kaum and Ijen.

We had the honor to host 15 guests, chosen from a pool of Bali’s finest creatives with the hope of generating lasting connections and, of course, great conversation.