Simple Ways to Make Your Event More Green

Living in Bali, every day we come face to face with the consequences of bad waste management. We've always made a huge effort to make our events as ‘trash free’ as possible. One of those ways is to make sure our attendees don't need to bring or buy the dreaded one-use plastic Aqua bottle. 

We do this by providing each guest something to drink from, like these glasses below from Bali Recycling, and free refills of water using Kopernik's Nazava water filters throughout the venue. 

TEDxUbud Glass

For past events, we've also given each guest a metal water bottle...

TEDxUbud Water Bottle by Zurich

...or provided them with a bamboo cup—freshly cut bamboo gently sanded so it was ‘lip friendly’. 

Bamboo Cups at TEDxUbud

We've also teamed up with Jenggala Ceramics to do a limited-edition mug for each guest to use at the event and then take home. 

Jenggala Cups ar TEDxubud

We recommend looking into the Avani line of products, including compostable paper cups for hot drinks and wooden spoons and forks. They go perfectly with the traditional Balinese ingke we use as plates, which are lined with fresh banana leaves. 

Balinese Ingke Plate at TEDxUbud

If you'd like to work with us to go even more ‘radically green’ for your next event and help save this beautiful island we call home, get in touch!