The Websites, People and Products We Can't Live Without

These are some of the platforms/apps/people that help us create great events—from planning, to producing, to communicating, and more. Our toolbox of goodies you might say... We update it regularly.


The easiest way to organize any team and its communication assets. The apps for mobile and computer are so good. Selective sync is an option you have to master to give your computer a break. 

The best ‘to do list’ out there. With deadline and task-assigning options as well as file attaching. Mobile and web versions work super well. 

Don't think we could live without this messaging app... the web version is also amazing. File sharing, updating, coordinating during events, reaching people who hate and won't use email, the voice recording- we could go on and on.  

Pretty AND functional? Yes, please! We use Typeform to create surveys, sign up sheets and more. Just so good and a pleasure to use. 

If you need a website that looks incredible, is easy to use and behaves beautifully, use Squarespace. We recommend it to everyone we work with. 

Small Victories
So simple but effective. Take any Dropbox folder and turn it into a website hosted from Dropbox. Genius. 

The most amazing URL shortener and analysis tool out there. The best way to see who is clicking on which link and from where. 

A cool extension for Chrome to help identify fonts being used on any website. 

If you need to learn how to do anything – and yes, we mean ANYTHING – head over to here. Tutorials for every aspect of life. 

Adobe Color
Create color schemes with the color wheel, browse thousands of color combinations, or upload an image to get a stunning color palette.

For any Indonesia-based company, GO-JEK is a total lifesaver. Documents that need to be sent, printed orders that need to be picked up, stranded volunteers, snacks and food that need to be bought- all of this can be done through this magic app.

A paid platform to create beautiful stories using a beautifully simple story editor.

Ever looking for a service that will transcribe a conversation you recorded? Rev is a good, fast, and affordable resource.

Add a conversation to your website. Landbot basically transforms websites into conversational experiences. 

Really Good Emails
This 3,300+ handpicked collection is powered by community submissions and these guys' obsessive drive to find the best email examples out there.


Coffee makes our world go 'round:
Expat Roasters, Seniman Coffee

Cool places in Bali:
Rumah Sanur, Bambu Indah

Super talented makers of Bali:
Gaya Ceramic, Quarzia Batik, Hatiku Indonesia, IBUKU, Threads of Life, and the list keeps growing.

For Fun

Want to improve your quality of life in 5 seconds?

1. Go to System Preferences
2. Keyboard
3. App Shortcuts
4. All Applications –> add “Paste and Match Style” ⌘V

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