Behind the Design: TEDxUbud Gift Bags

Coming up with a new way to surprise attendees is one of the biggest challenges each year. In the past we've done an 'offering box' of gifts, experimented with typography, and had the program on the bag itself- all in the name of creating whole new and fresh experiences for the return TEDxUbud attendees. 

This year we wanted to use some bright colors and have a bigger bag; we were excited to work once again with Hatiku Indonesia to create something beautiful in canvas with leather accents. 

This year's program was created in homage to the venue, The House of Masks and Puppets. They doubled as a hand-fan for anyone feeling the heat and we tied them to the bags. 

Of course, once you have a bag you need amazing things to put in it! We always curate the gifts in line with the needs of attendees during the day- the last thing we want to do is provide an item destined for the bin once people get home.

This year we had the amazing good fortune to work with the team at Quarzia, an amazing artisanal company creating modern batik textiles, to create a silk sleeping mask for each attendee. 

We also had a drink bottle supplied by our presenting sponsor Zurich Indonesia to help reduce waste caused by plastic water bottles at events, organic Indonesia cacao nibs by Big Tree Farms to satisfy any cravings, and the all-natural bug spray by Utama Spice to keep the mosquitos at bay in our outdoor venue.