Inspiration: Exploring Vivid Sydney Light Festival

On a trip to Sydney to attend TEDxSydney, we were so excited to find we would be there for the incredible Vivid festival—a 23-day celebration of light and ideas held around Sydney's CBD. We walked over 10 kilometers in one night and only managed to see around 60% of all the installations and experiences on offer. A mind-blowing experience!

Some of our personal highlights were:

  • Freedom of Movement
    Not only an amazing installation of moving swings, lights and music,  but also one of the coolest brand activations we've ever seen. Ford Australia was so well represented by this piece. 
  • Landscape of the Mind
    Anatomical drawings of what stress and anxiety do the body on six panes of glass. Created with the Black Dog Institute as part of their mission to raise awareness of mental illness. 

  • Parallax
    Suspended above a busy pathway, it made us stop, look up and get lost in the differences created by moving a few feet left or right. One of the few installations that didn't rely on intense color. 
  • Organic Vibrations
    The projection mapping over the MCA's facade was hypnotic. It felt like we could have stayed for hours just watching the layers and shapes morph. 
  • Uncovered World
    Loved the interactive nature of this piece tucked away in a tiny courtyard in Sydney's oldest streets. 
  • Canon HQ
    Another phenomenal example of experiential marketing and brand activation. The Canon team created an incredible space where you could bring your camera chip and print any of your Vivid photos at any size. They also had a photo studio, a Canon equipment lending library, and photographers on standby to advise on better low light photography. And even pre stamped envelopes to send your printed photos to anyone in Australia!

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