Movement: TEDxUbud 2019

Join us for our eighth edition and a journey of storytelling, innovation, learning, change and more. We're returning to the beautiful Setia Darma House of Masks and Puppets with the theme of...


Everything in the world, and beyond, is constantly moving, in a state of ebb and flow, changing from one form to another.

Some of our movements are deliberate, as when we choose to travel, or dance. Other movements are beyond our control, or impossible to detect. Sometimes it’s not a pleasant sensation, as when we are forced into movement to escape something or have to push against the status quo to make a change.

When we say we are moved, we usually talk about emotion arising in our bodies, changing us in some way. When we talk about a movement, we talk about people working together to create social change or spread a new idea across the globe.

Movement is something we all share and participate in—a universal part of the human story as we cross the borders, lines and boundaries that structure our lives.

Behind the design: YSEALI Impact XL Bali workshop

We worked with the East West Center to create the visual identity for the March 2019 edition of the YSEALI (Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative) for eco entrepreneurs here in Bali.

2019_YSEALI Impact eXL_Main Flyer.png

“Impact eXL is an innovative YSEALI Regional Workshop providing professional development to existing entrepreneurs to improve environmental performance and for environmentalists to incorporate entrepreneurship and modern business practices to their activities. This training will introduce attendees to startup incubators in Bali and incorporate sustainable development, innovation, leadership, strategic philanthropy, and other topics to emphasize how entrepreneurs and businesses can improve their environmental performance.”

YSEALI Impact XL.jpg

For this event, we created a set of icons closely related to Bali and also symbolic of the places and people the participants would be visiting. We created designs for digital flyers, backdrops, standing banners, tote bags, t-shirts, notebooks, folders, and name tags, keeping in mind a strong sense of place and also the age of the attendees (under 30).

YSEALI Nametag.jpg

For the name tag design, we were very inspired by the focus on eco-entrepeneurship and environmental values held by the event. We decided to produce the name tag with Green School’s iHub, a green prototyping facility, and one of the host venues for the workshop. We chose bamboo for its sustainable and strong features as we needed to create a tag that would still look after 4 days of wear but was plastic-free.

We hung the tag on natural indigo-dyed organic cotton cloth sourced at Threads of Life. Threads of Life commits to full transparency for planting, harvesting and production, and their cloth was a perfect fit for the lanyards. The lanyards were produced by a local tailor in Ubud to support small local businesses.

YSEALI tshirts.jpeg
YSEALI bag by Elami and Co.jpeg
YSEALI Design by Elami and Co.jpeg

Behind the Design: DUMBO Launch Invitations

When we started to work on DUMBO's branding we were spoiled for choice. Jono had a huge range of influences and many sources of inspiration for us to explore, including our personal favorite- his hand-illustrated notebooks chronicling every thought he had during the creation of the space, menu and feel of DUMBO.  It was an incredible period of growth and experimentation as we crafted DUMBO's visual identity. 

When it came time to create the invitation for the grand launch event, we wanted to create something special for each invitee, something physical they could keep if they wanted, hand delivered to their home or place of business. 


The striped element was taken from the main menu design with foil accents and metallic strips to seal each envelope. 

Inside each envelope was a simple invitation with Jono's signature playful copy and a customized name badge for each invitee and another slightly smaller badge for their plus ones. The badge design incorporated 80s design elements with neon accents and a custom bubble font. The idea of the name badges were a nod to the name badges worn by wait staff at DUMBO. 


The inside of the envelope and the back of the invitation featured the visage of the timeless Sophia Loren. At the very beginning of the design process, Jono mentioned he wanted to see this Italian icon make an appearance. Originally we created a series of physical collages using the gelatin printing process and classic black and white Sophia photos. These collages were then digitalized, enlarged and became part of the bathroom design at DUMBO. 


When it came time for the invitation design, we couldn't resist incorporating some of this artwork. 


Behind the Design: TEDxUbud Speaker announcements

The theme for TEDxUbud for 2018 is Seen/Unseen. When we started casting around for ideas for this year's visual identity we kept coming back to the idea of optical illusions: images that appear and disappear; spectrums of light and what is invisible to the naked eye; and tools that let us see into and past the surface, like MRI and Xray machines.  Our exploration and research took us down some amazing rabbit holes. We found a pack of these cards featuring classic optical illusions that every graphic designer learns in their first year of school and we keep finding them all over our desks as we discover another card we love. 

optical illusion-.jpg
optical illusion--2.jpg

We also made a choice to bring as much color as possible into the design for 2018, pulling on inspiration from infrared and ultra violet images. 

color inspiration-54.jpg

The speaker announcements came alive with a fun and dynamic vibe. We incorporated the iconic X in the background and the TED red in a few of the flyers. 

2018-NonaRia TEDxUbud-FB.png

Behind the Design: Launching TEDxUbud 2018

Updated: In April 2018 we were very saddened to hear of the sudden passing of this very talented artist. We extend our condolences to his friends and family. 

The theme for the 2018 edition of TEDxUbud is Seen/Unseen. When we saw Gentur Suria's work, we immediately knew how we wanted to announce the TEDxUbud date and theme for 2018. 

The event itself will be exploring topics related to the visible and invisible, the tangible and intangible, of the world around us so it was interesting to explore a 'hidden in plain sight' announcement on TEDxUbud's social media. When we started to get feedback regarding how long it took people to understand what they were looking at, or when they told us the images disturbed them in some way, we realized it had worked perfectly. 


Behind the Design: The TEDxUbud Badges

Badges hold a special place in the design heart of our Co-founder and Creative Director, Daniela Burr. She says it's a perfect way of making an attendee feel special from the moment they step in through the door. This year the search for the perfect TEDxUbud badge began with the idea of laser-cut. 

In a nod to traditional Balinese shadow puppets and our venue, The House of Masks and Puppets, we created a badge that attendees could play with using a light source and project their names onto other surfaces once night fell. 

Designing for laser-cutting (handled by the wonderful team at 9Box) brought its own set of challenges. The only font suitable was a stencil font. We settled on Rufina. Rufina was created from dark-text on light-background combinations, making it sharper and arguably better for quick viewing in such a dark environment. Most of its letter strokes are separated on the hairline, which allows the same kind of “invisible” readability, and is sort of a pattern among well-designed stencils.

The lanyards were gorgeous strips of handmade batik silk using leftover fabric from the masterminds behind Quarzia. We threaded the silk through two holes for added stability and to stop the badges from flipping over. 

The big and very visible name badges are an important part of any TEDx event—they help people to get to know fellow attendees and build a sense of community.